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Stop what you are doing for a moment and think about your breathing. How many times did you breathe in? Did you know that we actually inhale and exhale approximately 20,000 times a day, and so the quality of the air you are breathing in is vital. When we seal our homes to prevent draughts, we also seal in contaminants and pollutants consisting of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) created from the use of aerosols and formaldehydes in soft furnishings, carbon monoxide from smoking and combustion appliances, humidity from cooking, showering, washing and ironing, mould spores found in household dust, odours from cooking and pets, allergens from house dust mites and carbon dioxide from household appliances and people.

This viral soup of pollutants that we are breathing in can have a significant impact on health, and so now there are measures in place that allow this to be tackled, protecting the people we love and provided safe air thanks to Positive Input Ventilation

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