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Basic with Control – FULLY INSTALLED £649.99

-Basic Hall Control Unit
-For homes with lofts
-Whole House Condensation Control
-Modern Circular Diffuser
-7 Year Warranty

Heat Full Control – FULLY INSTALLED £749.99

-Heater version- Supplies tempered & filtered air to the property
-For homes with lofts – Whole House Condensation Control
-Supplied with all ancillaries required for a suspension installation (Joist mounting kit sold separately
-Integral 400w Heater and Modern Circular Diffuser
-7 Year Warranty

3 Story Property – FULLY INSTALLED £829.99

-For 3 storeys homes with loft
-Fire rated diffuser – Complies with regulations
-5 Year Warranty

Flat or Apartment – FULLY INSTALLED £699.99

-Controls condensation in flats or apartments
-5 year warranty (1 year parts and labour / 4 year parts)
-Low Power Consumption – Built in heater
-Supplies tempered & filtered air to the property – Improves Indoor Air Quality

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