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Mould Problems?

With 1 in 5 British homes now suffering from issues of condensation or black mould, the problem is now reaching epidemic proportions. With many embarrassed to admit to a mould problem in their home and difficulties removing it, many struggle to know where to turn. However, you don’t need to be haunted by mould, as Kings Renovations can provide you with a permanent solution thanks to our innovative range of ventilation solutions.

We have more than 28 years of mould-busting experience, Kings Renovations offers an energy efficient solution to a very common allergen and irritant. Mould is usually the result of continuous condensation and is found around windows and doors, on walls and ceilings and even on furniture and clothes. The mould moves through the air as miniature spores seeking out damp or wet areas, and so tend to settle in bathrooms, basements and attics.

Mould is not just unsightly; it is also a trigger for a number of respiratory problems. The musty smell often associated with mould is actually a gas produced by a fungal colony, and breathing it in can leave you feeling sick, lethargic or with headaches, making its eradication vital for the health of your family.Kin

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