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Tip 1
Keep steady flows of fresh air moving through your home by opening the windows every day. Make sure that the drip vents in your windows are open as these allow additional airflow that will combat condensation.

Tip 2
Turn on extractor fans whenever you are cooking to extract excess moisture from boiling pans. Opening kitchen windows will help this further, and leaving the extractor fan on after you have finished cooking will remove the excess moisture that you cannot see.

Tip 3
Keeping lids on pots and pans whilst cooking, helps to contain even the moisture that you cannot see.

Tip 4
Baths and showers are big contributors to excess moisture, so open windows and turn on extractor fans whilst containing the moisture by keeping the bathroom door shut.

Tip 5
Try to dry clothes outside as much as possible. When the weather does not allow this, try to keep them in an enclosed room with the window open. If you use a tumble dryer, make sure that the ventilation pipe runs to the outside of your property.

Tip 6
Avoid pushing furniture right up to the walls as this stops the air moving away from the bottom of the walls and circulating around the room. When this lingers it will condense onto the walls, leading to black mould.

Tip 7
Airways such as airbricks and chimneys should also be clear to allow airflow in and out of your home. This avoids air being trapped and condensing onto walls.

Tip 8
During the colder months, it is important to maintain a constant temperature within your home. It is the cold air that causes warm air to release moisture, so if the air is all the same temperature it cannot happen.

Tip 9
Maintaining your home is always important. Check your roof for any problems such as water leaks that may be letting moisture into your home.

Tip 10
Make sure that guttering and down pipes are carrying water away from your property, and that there are no blockages or damage to your guttering or drainpipes which may cause external walls to become wet.

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